Anime Matsuri, Panels, Updates & GBWC!

This is going to be a long update since I’ll be covering a good amount of stuff!

So for starters let’s start with what had happened this past weekend which was Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX on April 2 – April 5.

It was tons of fun,  I met some new people, saw some friends from a previous convention, competed in a Gunpla competition & also hosted one badass panel! Now that it’s all over let me put on some highlights for you guys

  • I snagged 1st on the Gunpla Competition using this MG Unicorn(DAT UNICORN DOE)!
  • Both of my Club’s panels we’re great success!
  • I lost my Nippers/Cutters during the give-away since I’d left them in the damn SD Box…
  • Forgetting the Austin Gundam Club banner in my Car in Austin,TX… (I dropped the ball on this and I was roasted rightfully so.)
  • Spent plenty of time with someone I’m getting really fond of (uguu guys, this is where you say uguu)
  • See Teddyloid with some of my closest friends (#FASTFURIOUS)
  • See VampyBitMe in her kickass Gouf Cosplay
  • See Goldy in seriously one of the best Mech cosplays I have ever laid my eyes on
  • Spread Gunpla to more people! (Now isn’t this the end goal?)

Much more happened but these we’re some of the highlights.  Now that we’ve covered Anime Matsuri let’s get into detail on my personal panel this convention.

I hosted Gunpla Building 102 & to be completely honest I was expecting maybe 40 people?  But what happened was we ended up with about 120+ Headcount at one point, some people we’re forced to stand up for lack of chairs and the retention was pretty solid like I believe it was less than 10 people left mid panel.

We covered some advanced techniques but made it more of an open forum for this panel, it was very interactive to the point where I got grilled for liking Unicorn…  But ya’ll will see that video when it comes up! (Shout-out to the Yung Boku no Marko for delivering one of the nastiest burns I have ever heard).  All in all it was a great experience and I would love the chance to do Matsuri again! But first… let me take a selfie!

3..2..1.. GUNDAM!

3..2..1.. GUNDAM!

Now let’s talk about some updates…

I have yet to finish Gundam Build Fighters Try… nor have I finished Shigatsu wa no Kimi Uso…  So what’s going to happen is I’m just going to Marathon both shows this coming weekend and I’ll write a overall thing for both series rather than covering each episode… I know how lazy of me but that’s definitely whats going to happen this weekend.  So that’s as far as Anime Update goes.  Though there are definitely some new series that I’d want to keep 100% on like UBW PLZZZZZZZ

Now let’s get back to Gunpla!

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2015 & A-Kon 2015

I am going to be participating at GBWC2015 Regional here in Texas and though I have an idea of what I want to do I actually still am up in the air about it…

I have 3 kits that I could possibly enter

  1. PG RX78-2
  2. MG RX78-2 Ver. 3.0
  3. MG Char’s Zaku Ver. 2.0

If they only allow one kit for entry this year I’ll be entering the PG, otherwise I’ll be entering both the MG’s if they allow 2 like they did last year.  As far as planning goes, I’m on that stage, just want to finish the V-Dash first before committing to anything.  Off-course paint, decal, etc.  I’m thinking of doing a Diorama combining both kits to be honest and also possibly dipping into some LEDs (Thrusters and what-not)

And I mentioned A-Kon 2015 because that’s actually where the Regional is held and also the Austin Gundam Club will be having another Panel there!  This time something exclusive for A-Kon (Much like what Gunpla Building 102 is for Matsuri) called “Gunpla Academy” though we just got the green light on that yesterday (04/06) and we hope on getting a bigger crowd than Matsuri and actually making a good impression.

I believe that’s pretty much it for updates, I’ll be more lively here again I promise.  I’m going to be building some robots these next coming days rather than going out so expect me here B O Y S !  Though after the V-Dash I am going to slow down on commissions until I get some work done on my personal projects for GBWC.

Plus I need to catch up on Arrow… I’m like 3 Episodes behind.  Which is strange cause I’m all caught up with Flash.

OK OK till the next update (which should be sooner than you think).



Commission! MG V-Dash

Another commission to add to my portfolio and this time it is in the shape of a V-Dash!



I’d already actually started on this commission just never had the chance to write up it’s beginnings (which I’ll do now so we’re all good).  This will be a simple build, even though let’s be real… the V-Dash is by no means a simple kit.

Plans for this are as follows

  • Snap
  • Paint
  • Decal
  • Seal

Sounds simple written down but it actually isn’t as easy as it seems!

I’ll be periodically updating on it more often now (like as we speak it’s actually already snapped and it’s waiting to get primered and hopefully come the end of the weekend it’ll be completely done in terms of paint!)

Being completely done with the Anime Matsuri Panels, this gives me more time to actually work on the Gunplas!

Anyways… here’s to hopefully V-Dashing this project!

Gunpla Panels hosted by Jay?!? (Anime Matsuri 2015)

OK, so on top of current projects, commissions, raising a 6 year old and playing Forza Horizon 2 my club will be doing 2 Panels at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX! #OnlyAtAM #AM2015

I’m excited as this will be our 2nd Panel and on top of that we’ll be doing two!

You can click here to go to the Facebook Event Page, invite people, invite yourself, invite your mom, bring your creepy uncle who just stares at you in your family reunion and join us!

We will be doing 2 Panels.

Hosted personally by my club, the Austin Gundam Club!

I mean who wouldn’t want to attend a panel whose President/Founder is this guy?


And if it hasn’t been given away yet, that’s me!

So come join us, meet us and let’s build some plastic robots!

But only after we’ve made plans on what to do… this is still a WIP after all!


Let’s get back to Gunpla! (Reddit 2015 Contest)

Alright folks, so finally I’m starting to get back in the swing of things in terms of Gunpla (DAMN YOU TIME).  It is that time of year when Reddit holds it’s contest, this year it is the Gunpla Lollapalooza!

So I decided I’d enter to warm up for GBWC2015 at A-Kon and to see how much better or worse I am now.  This contest is hosted by the community for the community and I am so excited for it.

I’ll be attempting to do LED’s, Diorama & off-course painting on my MG of Choice & OOB Building the RG!

There are 2 categories that I’m entering, Advanced & Mono-eye.

And these are my kits of choice 😀

MG Banshee Final Battle & RG Chars Zaku II

MG Banshee Final Battle & RG Chars Zaku II

I’ll update these with plans for both kits, and I’m hoping this year I win 1st Place on both Reddit & GBWC Texas…  2nd Place is the bane of my existence.

Updates to come!

GBF Try Episode 16

Gunpla is Freedom

-Meijin Kawaguchi

OK, right off the bat we are hit with a homage to the old school Mech Animes! Think Voltes 5, Daimos, Mazinger, Voltron thanks to Tryon 3 and it’s combining aspect.


Though to be honest I feel it does not belong in the Gunpla world… (OK fine, Fumina can turn to a fist but that’s like a partial component not a Full MS). I mean I feel it is borderline Gunpla and more Super Robot… Though I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t like how it looks.  Also dem Lacus & Campbell hairpins on the students was 10/10!

White Wolf Zaku is still as gorgeous as the first time I saw it, though Ninja Spiegel was pretty awesome.  Unlike the last episode we get to see a good amount of different mobile suits here, we even get to see the Team SD-R or should be better known as Team Trap Stars cause the way they fought was literally the most boring.

Though they introduce Team Allan’s fighters and their Gunpla!  Which to be honest I feel the only good looking one is the Transient… The G-Portent is just not to my personal tastes, plus a Gunpla being ridiculously strong only due to it’s build quality is complete BS.  I feel it should be atleast 50/50 in Building/Skill but whatever Shia, what the hell ever.

But I do like the new Aila & Reiji.

Watch it here!

GBF Try Episode 15

This episode was so fuckin’ hype oh my god.

The beginning of the National Tournament starts with Team Tryhards going up against a Top 8 Placing school from the previous year.

With the show of how flashy they can be with

  • Sekai’s Phoenix Punch Thing
  • Fumina’s SD now having Funnels
  • Kousaka’s now Full Bernern Lightning

That isn’t even all of it.  I mean Fumina’s Funnels transformed into a Naruto Shurinken and Kousaka’s Lightning FB was able to keep up with a Kyrios Trans Am’d.  I mean if that doesn’t sound broken then I don’t know what does.

I mean the fight scene for this episode was top notch and it got me riled up and gave me goosebumps, also it never hurts to see Mirai lookin’ fly as a mofucka.

2nd Best GBF Girl

What are you doing still reading?  Go watch the new episode here.

Words cannot contain how hype that fight was!

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Episode 14

Kosei showing his true emotions, check.

Kaori holding back her true emotions for Kosei, check.

Kosei not wanting Kaori to leave him, check.

OK B O Y S, we are ready for this hardcore feels trip.

Tsubaki still has no direction in her feelings and won’t admit to saying that she see’s Kosei more than a Little Brother pisses me off so much, I wish she would just realize her true feelings.  Wasting her time with Senpai when he has a perfectly good Kosei right there.  SMH.


This episode was a nice break from the non-stop emotion rollercoaster of last episode.  This was tame and manageable…  Up until Tsubaki was told by Kosei that he’s going to be attending a school catered to Music and I lost my shit when Tsubaki busted in to tears and started running…  She had always thought no more of Kosei and now the emotions roll-out and they are too much.

I told myself not to feel, but I still felt… Godamnit Shigatsu, stop… please (don’t stop)

The boy I took for granted would always be by my side.  The boy I want to be by my side forever